About Us...

Lawn mowing started as a side job for Chuck. Working full-time at a 9-5 gig wasn't quite covering all the bills. When a co-worker offered Chuck $25 to cut his lawn, in order to avoid doing it himself, Chuck found himself with a new passion...and My Lawn Guy was born.

Beginning part-time with six loyal customers and one 24 inch mower, My Lawn Guy has grown to service over sixty customers within a fifty mile radius from Chuck's home base of Algonquin, IL. Modern, industrial grade equipment, a new logo and a constantly expanding customer base have helped grow My Lawn Guy into what it is today.

Chuck and his wife Vanessa, along with their children have been truly blessed to be on this journey of owning their own business. As a Christian couple, it is their own personal values that shape every aspect of their lives. Honesty, integrity and trustworthiness are what My Lawn Guy customers have come to expect from Chuck and those who work for him.

If you are interested in joining the My Lawn Guy family, please call Chuck at 847-828-2636 and schedule your free consultation and estimate.

Seek justice, Love mercy, Walk humbly. Micah 6:8